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Success Stories



5 Star Rated!

A Program for everyone

I've been working with Roy for 3 years now and he has a program for everyone!! He tailor makes each and every workout so that I am not doing the "same old workout" from week to week. Now he has added the holistic portion for pain management and holistic healing  and it has helped me immensely!! You can't do better than Roy if you're older like I am and really want to get your a#@ in shape!!
- Richard Schatzel

Build healthy lifestyle

Roy is great at what he does. Building a foundation of healthy lifestyle.

 - Joshua C.

I feel a difference

I'm new start with Roy, have had about 5 or 6 sessions of private training now, and I already feel a difference of the type of work out I'm getting. Roy introduced me to so many new and effective workouts that give me the right amount of challenge. Combined with the nutritional plan, I'm feeling progress towards my weight loss goals for the first time in a while. It's exactly the custom tailored program I was looking for.

 - Elvis M

Listened to me

I have been training with Roy Frank for one month. I have struggled with my failed attempts to improve my fitness and lower my weight. Roy Frank listened to me during my strategy session with me. He personalized a training session for me that protected me from my past injuries. During my transformation process in 1 month, I have gained muscle that I can see and feel being formed in my body. I have lost 5 pounds with his nutrition lifestyle program. I cannot remember when I have lost 5 pounds in one month. Roy gives me a different workout at every session. He also gives tips and strategies to use that leaves me with encouragement and a positive mindset. He is more than a personal trainer. He is amazing and I am so thankful to have found him.

 - Desiree Dee

changed my life

Roy has changed my life in so many ways. I started working with Roy when I was overweight and unhealthy and after just a few short months I have lost weight, built muscle, and learned to live a healthier lifestyle. Roy's combination of custom diet plans and exercises helped me see results in just a few weeks, and the results I saw only continued from there. I highly recommend Roy as a personal trainer!

 - Caleb Lui

Thank you for encouragement

Thank you Roy, for all the encouragement, and personal fitness, as well as lifestyle change you have given me. My success in losing 10 lbs in a month, has been a blessing. You have been a great coach!!!

 - Loriann Margiotta

Great group workout

Love the training from Roy!!! Great group work out and 6 week challenge!! Thanks a bunch for the motivation!!

 - Stephanie Jelinek Moser

Performs miracles

Roy at fitness 4 you in Nesconset New York performs miracles. He is honest, trustworthy, and has been changing lives for years. When I was feeling at my lowest and I knew that I needed to make a serious change, Roy was there to take me in as a client and give me the proper coaching, motivation and confidence so I can reach my goal. If you want to get healthy and make a lifestyle change, get your fit together with Roy at fitness for you!

 - Zach H.

looking for your miracle

I began training at Fitness 4 You with Roy Franks in March 2015. I walked in desperate for a miracle – What I found was much more gratifying. Roy made me feel comfortable and motivated to begin my personalized nutrition and exercise plan.

In my four short months I have lost 15 pounds, decreased my body fat percentage by 6% and raised my muscle percentage by 3% . Most importantly I have gained a trainer who is personally committed to helping me continually set attainable goals and then helping me reach and manage my results. Roy understands my limits and pushes me to them, challenging me each workout. 

I have tried several different diet and exercise regimens, with little to no success. Working with Roy, I have regained my motivation, confidence, and found strength both physically and mentally that I thought I had lost. I have seen real results and most importantly, results that I am able to maintain. Roy’s professionalism, passion, and genuine excitement for his client’s results are what push me to do one more rep and leave the excuses at the door. 

For a while I thought that this was the way my body was supposed to be. Roy and Fitness 4 You have shown me that with the proper guidance, nutrition, and accountability, ANYONE can achieve and far exceed any expectations. I simply cannot say enough positive things about Fitness 4 You, Roy Franks, and his approach. If you’re looking for your miracle, it’s at Fitness 4 You! - Juli Miller, Nesconset

a new year

 A new year to be remembered for the winter snows that never ended and the year I absolutely will not regress on my fitness regime.

Perhaps that’s because of my wonderful new trainer, Roy Franks and the individualized fitness program he has set up for hot chicks like me in the 55+ generation. Over a decade ago, I began to realize how much I needed to have a fitness coach and actually worked with a great guy in his home who put me on the right track. When he expanded to a gym facility, the tone changed and so did my comfort level. I liked the one on one time and missed it. Then came the really tough years with my Bernie sick and me traveling back and forth to Florida where he was being treated. I barely had enough time to keep my design firm going, and that with much gratitude to my loyal and wonderful staff. I soon realized what a big mistake it was to neglect my own well being. There’s always an excuse not to exercise or start a diet or clean up clutter, but I should know better because I counsel people all the time on the benefits of a clutter free organized home.

So a funny thing happened. Providence stepped in and I found a great life coach who has all the gym equipment anyone needs but also addresses health and wellness issues. While he has locations in Nesconset and St. James, he lives in my Country Pointe community literally around the corner!

Roy Franks is a really great guy. He is bright, motivated, and dedicated to the wellbeing of his clients. He definitely goes that extra mile, even making personal home visits when needed. We have become friends and I look forward to sharing my training time with him. While he knows I’ll never be a body builder, he motivates me to do as much as I can and a little extra without hurting myself. He knows I love show tunes, so he made a special music disc to help me exercise and now the time passes quickly. He has made a difference in my life. I have more stamina for my heavy work load and when I leave a session, I feel energized and positive because I’ve scheduled time to take care of myself.

Everyone needs someone in their life to keep them on the right track. Many people say I do that for them, but Roy is the one who does it for me.

Thank you, Roy for holding me accountable, and for being my fitness coach and my friend. - Natalie Weinstein


I met Roy 18 months ago with the general goal of getting in better physical shape. I weighed approximately 200 lbs, had limited energy levels and very little motivation.  Roy recognized my current limitations and future potential and designed a customized program that was challenging yet doable.  He managed my expectations while firmly emphasizing what I needed to do and he set specific goals for me to achieve.

Roy reminds you that he is not just a trainer but a lifestyle coach as well.  Results are not immediate but will come and if you are willing to work hard you will exceed your goals and expectations.  Roy emphasizes that You and He are a team on a journey to a better and healthier lifestyle.

After only 8 months of working with Roy I ran my first  half marathon and 8 months after that my first full marathon.  I lost 35 lbs, decreased my body fat percentage by 50%, and have run 4 half marathons and 1 full marathon. I am currently training for marathon #2 and 2 more planned for later this year.  I can’t thank Roy enough for his guidance and professionalism.  He has changed my life! - Sean, Middle Island

a lifestyle coach that is concerned with our health and well being!

My husband and I have been training with Fitness 4 You since 2009. We find Roy to not only be a trainer to us but instead a lifestyle coach concerned with our health and well being.  I have had several surgeries and as a result have had a hard time getting around. With Roy’s help and motivation I now have improved mobility I find it to be very comforting to me that with my disabilities I found someone who cared enough to help me break through roadblocks and make me feel like a whole person again.  Coming to Fitness 4 You, you’re not just a number , but rather an individual that receives complete 1 on 1 attention. 

- Carmella, Nesconset, NY

a true lifestyle changed!

The expression, You can catch more flies with honey than with vinegar certainly applies to Roy Franks.  With his warm smile and cheerful disposition, he disguises his drill sergeant persona as he slowly charms his way into getting his client(s) to work harder and achieve goals that seemed impossible. In spite of arthritis pain,  I’ve lost pounds and inches and rediscovered some of the strength and energy of my pre-arthritis years. His nutritional program rounds out the exercise regimen for a true lifestyle change, rather than just a other diet.  I now not only want to get back in shape, but to stay in shape even after reaching my goals.  Thank you Roy. - Mary B., Nesconset, NY

in 3 months of training at fitness 4 you, I LOST 21 POUNDS!

In three months of training at Fitness  4 You, I lost 21 pounds and four inches off my waist, while cutting my body fat percentage from 39% to 23%. I attribute that success to two things:

  1. Roy has expertise in exercise and nutrition. That is hugely important, because I needed help in both areas in order to turn myself around.

  2. Roy’s nutrition program and exercise regimes are manageable. The problem I always had in the past was that I would be too extreme in my diets and workouts, and couldn’t stick with them. With Fitness 4 You, I could work out 3 times per week, and see real results. This also helped me to believe that what I was doing was going to work; I didn’t have to guess or try to apply some generic formula from a book. My program was designed specifically for me based on my personal goals.

 - Susan, Smithtown, NY

fitness 4 you is very knowledgeable, professional

and accommodating

I have had many personal trainers in the past, and obtained substandard results.  Roy Franks and the people at Fitness 4 You is very knowledgeable, professional and accommodating.  With Roy’s expert training, I was able to finally achieve my goals, and the results I wanted.  I tell everyone about Fitness 4 You every chance I get. - Ian, Nesconset, NY

I wanted a "beach body"

I joined Fitness 4 You as a scrawny teenager with a simple goal in mind; I wanted a beach body.  Before I became a client Roy Franks, sat down with me and laid out detailed program through which I could achieve all of my goals.  From the very first day I began training, I noticed that the general demeanor at Fitness 4 You was different than that of any gym I had ever belonged to.  Roy was intent on making me feel comfortable with every aspect of his personal training techniques, something that I always felt was lacking at a conventional gym. - Conor, Kings Park, NY

long term success

Roy Franks , owner and head trainer at Fitness 4 You specializes in LifeStyle Changes as opposed to just overall Health and Fitness. This makes Roy and his company very special in every good way. Roy is not just concerned or hung-up on his clients getting healthy and strong temporarily. Roy is both very much concerned and hung-up on his clients staying healthy and strong over a period of a whole entire Lifetime. Roy really does care very much about people and seeing and helping them succeed. - Constantinos M, Levittown, NY

a testimonial to fitness 4 you by ted m.

In June of 2016, and at the age of 67, I retired from work.  Realizing that my daily activity levels would decrease, I was determined to find a healthy way to keep from “going to pot”.  At 5’ 8” and 185 lbs., my general health and physical condition was good.  But over the years I had developed the dreaded midriff bulge and sag and did not like what I saw in the mirror. 


I signed up with Roy at Fitness 4 You in early June to work on my Core Values (i.e. the sag that goes around my middle below the belly button and extends around the waist) three days a week.  He started me out on a routine that included Cardio as well as Core Value.  At first, I did not really think that the workouts were doing much for me.  But to my great surprise, after only 4 months, I was seeing noticeable results.  It’s been 7 months now and I feel great, but more importantly for me, my mid-section has firmed up and the dreaded sag around the hips is greatly reduced and my friends have noticed and ask me if I’ve lost weight.  In truth, I’ve only lost about 5 lbs.  But then, what I’ve lost in body fat, I’ve gained in muscle mass.


Most importantly of all, I feel great about myself! 


Thanks Roy.

subduing parkinsons

I’ve been working out with Ali at Fitness 4 You for the past 3 years, and with Roy for 2 years before that.  I’m approaching 69 years old but my physical fitness, strength, muscle tone and endurance have never been better.  I now weigh the same 130 lbs. I weighed 40 years ago, but with better muscle tone than ever.  

I was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease over a year ago, and my own research indicated that except for medication, strenuous exercise was the single most important thing I could do.  My trainer, immediately researched how they could best help me to address the physical problems this disease would present.   They incorporated all aspects of physical fitness training into my regimen, with focus on upper, lower, and core strength building workouts, using weights, cardio, and isometric exercise.  As well as incorporating exercises to maintain and improve my balance and endurance.  With medication and fitness training, I’ve been able to remain symptom free, and at least for now, am keeping the effects of this disease at bay.  Thank you Roy! - MJ - Nesconset


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