Who needs a trainer?

Anyone from a novice to an elite caliber athlete can benefit from our personal training. Some people need the knowledge, motivation or change in routine. The following are the most common types of client groups that we work with: • Seniors • Children • Athletes • Sedentary Adults • Post Rehab • Special Populations • Overweight Persons • Persons Seeking General Fitness & Lifestyle Changes

How long will it take until I see results?

Everybody responds differently to training so it is unfair to tell someone prior to training how quickly they will see results. While we cannot guarantee a timetable for results, our trainers do the best they can by constantly setting goals, and motivating you to reach them. The most important aspect to reaching your goals will be consistency and the more consistent you are with you diet and exercise, the quicker you will see the results.

Where do I workout?

The great thing about our trainers is that they are capable of providing you with a great workout regardless or your location. Whether it's onsite at our facility, or on our F4Y LIVE virtual training platform we will provide you with a most amazing workout session and get you the results you are looking for.

Do I need equipment?

Our facility is completely outfitted with equipment that you would find at a "big box gym" plus more. You are guaranteed an amazing workout each time.

What is your schedule?

We have trainers available 7 days a week. We offer flexibility to fit your schedule.

How will the trainer monitor my progress?

The key to getting results is to constantly monitor a clients progress and make changes when necessary. At the beginning of your workout program, your trainer will perform certain assessments based on your goals and exercise history. The trainer will be responsible for regular reassessments and based on the results he or she will adjust your program as is necessary.

What happens if I cancel at the last minute?

If at any time either a client or a trainer needs to cancel a scheduled appointment, management must be notified 24 hours before the scheduled appointment. Failure for the trainer to do so within an appropriate time and the trainer agrees to provide the session free of charge. Failure for the client to do so within the appropriate time will result in forfeiture of the session, which the trainer will be paid in full for. In the event that you need to cancel you must call us as well as the trainer to prevent any problems

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