Being fit is not just about exercising and diet. In fact, its all about Lifestyle. Fitness 4 You was founded on the concept of helping each and every one of its clients become the very best versions of themselves guiding them to make the right choices to live a fit and healthy life. Whether your goal is to shed a few extra pounds, tone up, build muscle, improve sports performance, increase flexibility, reduce stress or just feel and look your best, we will design a customized program that will get you on track, keep you motivated and most important get you the results you desire.

We employ state of the art techniques and use many different modalities in order to ensure that our clients stay motivated, committed and remain focused on their lifestyle goals which results in lasting success. Fitness 4 You has had tremendous success in helping oversight adults and youths of all ages achieve a healthy weight, build muscle, develop better nutrition habits and improve their overall health and well being. WE ARE NOT A GYM, but rather a Fitness Lifestyle Center. Our clientele are looking for something different than a gym atmosphere. They are not just looking to work out. Instead, they seek to overcome the roadblocks and barriers to lasting lifestyle change in a non-threatening, non-judgmental environment. Fitness 4 You is dedicated to providing quality and professional Lifestyle Coaching to help you reach your fitness and lifestyle goals as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Age, fitness level or experience are not an issue. We work with all types of clients including those with disabilities or other challenges. Our staff is highly qualified and nationally certified and will motivate, educate and inspire you throughout your journey.

Elvis Marchand 

Heading 1

Since age 4, Elvis has had passion for the art of fighting.

With 10+ years of prosseional martial arts training, Elvis seeks to improve mind and body through the techniques of combat sports. Elvis is a certified black belt in Isshinryu karate, trained as a student of retired golden glove winner and professional boxer Carlos Marchand, and has been coached by some of the highest level wrestling coaches on Long Island. No age requirement, equipment, or expierence required for training. For those who are up for the challenge to not only learn techniques, but to increase your strength and conditioning like a fighter, train with Elvis today.

MMA Instructor

Marisa Geschwind

Marisa is a Master Reiki practitioner, certified in Level 2. She was introduced to Reiki through her yoga instructor and got hooked after experiencing the life changing effects on her body. Reiki helps clients to relax deeply, let go of stress and tension and release negative thought patterns and emotions. As an active meditation it allows for a healing

environment to be created to help the body return to a state of well-being and peace. Reiki works in conjunction with other therapeutic techniques to relieve inflammation and promote recovery. It can help to enhance performance and assist with pain management. Marisa can’t wait to work with you!

Master Reiki

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