You are unique
You know you are
You are, however also human and in that respect, you have experienced some human frustrations such as chronic disease which affects your quality of life or weight loss resistance which keeps you from looking your best.
With all the "quick fixes" out there you haven't learned how to return your body to a state of homeostasis.



You have Tried Many "Quick Fixes"

That Just Have'nt Worked.....

Sure, you tried eating right, tried some diets with names like “keto” or “dash,” been prescibed medications by your doctor that don't  cure your chronic illness and you’ve been to your share of exercise “experts" who have promised you fast results. 


Here’s the Great News!

Our 21 Day Reboot Program is now available and it breaks every rule, gives you the power you’ve been wanting, and literally reconnects you with the metabolism you’ve been wishing for.

This program is effective because it's built upon 42 Immutable Science-Based Principles that govern human health, metabolism and positive physical change.  Not only will you experience the power, but along the way you will come to master these eternal principles. 

This isn't a "one-and-done" program.  It will empower you to maintain control over the way your body looks, feels and functions for the rest of your life.

Phil Kaplan.png

Phil Kaplan

Roy Franks.png

Roy Franks

Your Coaches

This program is the result of years of study, intensive research, and you will work with two experts that are committed to your success.

Phil Kaplan, long-time health and fitness leader responsible for over 25,000 physical transformations has teamed up with

Roy Franks, Long Island's leading body transformation specialist and they're both in your corner ready to help you transform.

Program Highlights:

  • A 21 Day Program fully downloadable with personal coaching and nutritional direction

  • The introduction of Circadian Nutrition which "works" better than any diet as it allows you to enjoy foods without deprivation, hunger or removal of nutrients.

  • Powerful energy, metabolism boosting, gut-specific nutrients aimed at creating systemic excellence

  • An exercise program beginning with 9 minutes/day which progresses strategically, allowing continued progress without plateau.

  • Mindset exercises to help you to shut down limiting beliefs and crippling "self-talk".

It doesn't matter what you've tried in the past.  This program integrates elements of Mindset, Nutrition and Appropriate Physical Challenge to reignite the Metabolic Power you were born with.  Within days you will get a sense of how Amazing your body is at Healing, Fat Release and Reshaping when you simply apply the right strategy.