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In only 21 Days, Reinstall Youthful Metabolic Programming



Retrain your body to "Burn" Through Food and Release and Incinerate Fat Once and For All!

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Reawaken the Innate Intelligence That Maximizes Energy and Restore Bodily Systems to a Renewed State of Divine Health


It sounds crazy.  Can you really reboot metabolism in 21 Days? 
Yes, and you'll come to understand how "Rebooters" worldwide are reversing chronic diseases they belived they'd have forever!

"People are so locked in to old beliefs related to health that we fail to see the miracles that lie before us.  It's time to experience those miracles first hand."

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Phil Kaplan

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Roy Franks

Your Coaches

This program is the result of years of study, intensive research, and you will work with two experts that are committed to your success.

Phil Kaplan, long-time health and fitness leader responsible for over 25,000 physical transformations has teamed up with

Roy Franks, Long Island's leading body transformation specialist and they're both in your corner ready to help you transform.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the Reboot for?

It's for you if you've had any struggle reducing weight or losing fat.

It's for you if you're already exercising, working hard, eating well, and need certainty that what you're doing will last.


It's for you if you think back to a prior time when you were energized and lean and you fear that those days may be behind you.


It's for you if you've been diagnosed with a chronic condition related to hormones, blood sugar, or immune function, and were led to believe you are powerless without meds.

It's for you if you want to invest 21 days in learning how to I've your best life.


Is this an insanely challenging program?

There's nothing "insane" about it.  The Metabolic Reboot is designed for anyone of any age and fitness level.  It lends itself to the performance ability of athletes, as well as to the needs of the deconditioned.  The program incorporates simple alternatives to virtually everything presented and in the live version the coaches ensure you know EXACTLY what to do!  Due to the sophisticated "customization" allowing for 3 levels and personalized selection, those who seek challenge will find it challenging, and those who are apprehensive will find it appropriate.  And fun.


How do I participate?

Decide if you want the comprehensive program with one-on-one coaching, or if you'd prefer the more economical "online only" version.  Register using the  links below and you'll be invited to the kickoff webinar on October 25th.  From that point forward, for the next 21 days, you'll receive instructions and downloads via a private Facebook group and virtual library


How quickly can I expect results?

Much depends upon your condition and desired outcome, but you will absolutely notice positive change by the conclusion of the program, and while nobody can promise a 30 pound weight loss in 21 days, the benefits you'll see and feel will thrill you and prepare you to continue forward with a thrilling outcome.

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Not sure if  the 21 DAY REBOOT is for you?
Here is another option :

This is the SAME concept as the 21 Day Reboot compacted into 7 Days and you will still see RESULTS

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Reboot  Your Metabolism

Rediscover Your Own Power

Thanks for your interest!

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